Monday, June 19, 2017

re-invisioning SCRAPS.

I HAVE A NEW DESIGN!!!!! Carmel, whiz graphic designer that she is, so graciously took time over the past several months to help me re-vision the blog and what it represents and where I'm headed with it, and I couldn't be happier. This blog and my instagram are my two favorite outlets of all time, and I'm THRILLED to be "coming home" to Scraps and re-styling it officially as the lifestyle blog it's morphed into over the years.

What can we look forward to, posting-wise? Well, right off the bat there are wedding planning stories and ideas, recipes, home renovation and decor ideas and DIYs, moving tricks, newly-married help settling into a new home, organization hacks (don't laugh), stylebook posts, songs and playlists, marriage and family experiences, and more like that...not to mention relationships, family, and the emotional and spiritual side of life that we've walked through recently.

How often will I be posting? I truly have no idea, haha. Hopefully at least once a week - easing back into the groove here. I have a lot to share, and that makes me excited, 'cause there's nothing like inspiration to get content flowing again.

So welcome back! And let's get this conversation open again - it's been way too long.


  1. The layout is amazing! I'm so excited to hear wedding stories/ideas in particular, since I'm getting married next summer. I can't believe how much this blog has grown as we've grown up - was it only yesterday that we were posting about Narnia costumes?

  2. I love the new layout!

    I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more regular posts. ;)