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welcome, dear reader, to my online home.

I say home, because a home is the emotional, heart-felt side of the physical residence where one abides. This little blog is not just an online platform for the words I may choose to share, but it's the place where my heart has expressed itself through language, photos, and music since I was...wait for it...fifteen years old. That's right. This blog was started on my fifteenth birthday, seven and a half years ago. It originally started as a sewing blog called "scraps from my workbasket" (hence my impossibly long web handle) but since then it's been shuffled and reorganized (and saved from deletion a handle of times) to become the simple scraps that it is today - a lifestyle journal of my eclectic and slightly chaotic life.

so. for new and old readers alike...

who am i? I'm Liza.

I'm twenty-two, a newlywed, the oldest of eight children, a homeschool graduate, literary nerd, pianist, and homemaker. There's really not much I don't enjoy doing - and even though the past couple years have left me with little time or space to do much in the way of arts and crafts, I'm determined to pick those hobbies up again - when I'm not trying to keep my little house clean and my husband fed. I still feel like a complete child at times - y'all, feeling twenty-two has nothing to do with "adulting" I'm finding out...

I live in the rural upstate of South Carolina, with my newly-married-to-me best friend Joshua. (You can find our story here.) We're committed travelers and lovers of Jesus, and have already been to 46 of the 48 continental United States together. Most if not all of that traveling went down because of our love for the children of the world and our heart for the vulnerable and the orphan. Our passion is sharing the Love we've experienced from our Abba Father with the world around us, and our heartbeat is caring for His little ones.

As you may have seen from my little bio, I'm an "angel mama" - which, to put it simply, means that we have children in heaven. Our sweet first child, Jeremiah, our much longed-for, prayed-for baby, went to be with Jesus on January 11, 2017, at seven weeks, before we ever got to meet him. And after five months of messed up cycles and emotional roller-coasters, we conceived our rainbow baby, Daniella...only to say goodbye once again, in a scary, traumatic over-ten-week loss on July 28, 2017.

It's been so so heartbreaking and devastating for this grieving mama, but at the same time we have seen Jesus and understood His heart for us more than ever before. It's been the most difficult trial I've ever faced, but it's a part of our story that I'm learning, step-by-step to turn over to Jesus. I've felt led to share about our children and journey with multiple miscarriages, and I hope to share more, and you can find those posts with this link here.

Well, that's about the size of it! Welcome again to scraps - the place where posts are way too long and free spirits never run short. (even though I am, actually, short. a short person. you know.)


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